The following "Testimonials" are for P. Jason King Associates, Inc. from our Client Companies, Candidates, Organizations, Associations, and Career Development/Coaching. They encompass Recruitment and Consulting Services, Seminars/Workshops, and more. Although in business for over 4 decades, it should be noted that not everyone takes the time to send a “Thank You” or “Testimonial”, however we appreciate those who have.

"What our clients are saying"

Brent Blake President Acendas Travel Management Company Mission, KS

"Although you have been of great service to our company by providing your expertise in Recruitment & Consulting, I must congratulate you and applaud your services again and again for handling our two last placements both in senior management. We expect the best always, but we never really thought, with all the caveats we placed on you and our requirements, that you would be able to source two such talented people for us. When people say you are aggressive, they should know that it is a compliment to your tenacity and professionalism and most of all your caring about us, your client. It has been a pleasure working with you on our two placements. You are a true professional, and a patient one at that! Thank you!

Robert W. Thompson Chief Financial Officer Lindblad Expeditions

"Lindblad had utilized Jason King and his organization for over 20 years, and they had an unblemished record of achievement in filling every opening that they were given. I was somewhat unsure though whether they could fill the VP Marketing slot. As CFO, I and the COO of Lindblad were given the task to create a short list of candidates for our President/Owner. We needed a strong candidate in Database Marketing. Jason sourced three candidates in less than 2 weeks, each one of them qualified to our specifications. We selected a man who not only was terrific but proved to be one of the finest employees we ever had. Jason King made our job look easy! While no executive looks forward to searching for Management or Senior Management, they can rest assured that if they use Jason King's services they have made the right choice.

Harriet Washburn Vice President/General Manager-Midwest Region

"Indeed I relied heavily on Jason for significant reoccurring recruiting efforts while at Thomas Cook and at CWT. I would recommend his firm without qualification. What I appreciated most (i.e. how he differentiated from competitors) was his interest/aptitude for understanding fully the nature of the engagement and the caliber of candidate we were seeking. He pre-screened thoroughly and identified for us only those whom we would be interested in meeting. At the time there was a dearth of suitable talent; somehow Jason found perfect candidates and most unusual…candidates who had not listed themselves with myriad other recruiters. Among my best hires were those whom Jason provided. I dealt with Jason for my hiring needs at all levels of my management positions. He always demonstrated tenacity, initiative and requisite urgency.

Jane Rossmango CEO AlliedTPro Inc.

"I've had the opportunity to work with Jason King several times in the course of our long travel-related careers. A true professional himself, and expert in his line of work, I found Jason to have the most prominent list of travel professionals when looking for solid staff in the travel sector - domestically and internationally. His long history and experience will shine through from day one.

Mike Thompson Vice President Human Resources
Holland America Cruises

"Working closely with P. Jason King Associates to recruit excellent salespersons for our company, he and his staff always came through. I can say without reservation that I unfailingly received a splendid service from all the staff at his office which culminated in our hiring several excellent salespersons through him. For one particular difficult assignment Jason worked tirelessly until he had succeeded. Unlike some recruiters, he is not a man who walks away when the going gets tough.

Craig Peterson Sr. Vice President Gelco Travel Services

"It is my absolute privilege to recommend Jason and his team. He is one of the few people in the industry that understands that customer service is more than just delivering a service. He strives to listen, to communicate, to add value, to exceed expectations and to make everything fun. He gets what's important.

Gerry Topping Senior Director – Human Resources, North America
Holland America Line

"Jason is a real pro in the Travel Industry and knows how to achieve results in a timely and value-added way. When I have had occasion to use his expertise, I have not only enjoyed the exchanges we shared, but also appreciated the care and attention to detail he provided to ensure our staffing needs were met precisely to our specifications.

Jeannie Rodgers President UTC (United Touring Company)

"Jason King and his staff have been our EXCLUSIVE 'go-to' placement firm for many years and at one point, our staff was comprised of 75% placements by them! Jason and his team's thoroughness in screening applicants allowed us to interview only the best candidates, saving everyone an enormous amount of time. We knew if Jason said, 'you really have to see this candidate,' we really did! Through the years, future placements became even easier, as Jason knew exactly what type of candidate would be successful for us. When we need Top Candidates we think P. Jason King Associates, I even have their toll fee number memorized. They are the Best!

Shahrookh R. Cambata President GREAVES TRAVEL INC.

"I would like to compliment you on the professional and thorough job you have done in providing my company with well selected candidates for the job we requested." It is a rare privilege to be able to write to a proprietor of a business during the early days of setting up and convey to him the heartfelt thanks for the extraordinary service and support. As you are aware we have had a very ambitious and aggressive business plan to commence our operations in the USA. These encompassed 7 locations each staffed completely. We were not only new to the cities but to the United States as well.

It is crucial to us in the service industry to have the appropriate personnel particularly when they are engaged as managers. The speed of success of our operations was totally dependent upon obtaining and recruiting candidates with relevant background, experience and attitude.

In this, your office has been invaluable and I am very impressed with the level of your expertise which stretches across the USA. Your service was totally personalized, very informative and crucial in our evaluations. My personal thanks once again for all your efforts.

Jane T. Watson VP, Associate Director Human Resources

"Thank you once again performing your magic and placing an outstanding Travel Manager. Not only is (she) extremely qualified and knowledgeable, but she's a perfect fit with our agency's culture. I know that you deal mainly with placements in the travel industry, but you certainly have an understanding of the needs of the advertising industry as well… Although our placements have been limited (two Travel Managers over the past few years) both placements were outstanding.

A division of The 3M Company

"Although we've only used your service to recruit our Vice President of Sales, I must compliment you on your dedication to service and professional way of doing business. Highly recommend your service to any travel company searching for the highest caliber of candidate.

Ray Hourani Vice President Worldwide Operations
VBT Bicycling and Walking Tours

"I hired Jason to fill a senior position, he was able to bring in a short time several qualified candidates. He has vast knowledge of the travel industry and knows all the major players.

Olivier Moeschler Senior Vice President KUONI TRAVEL LTD. Hong Kong

"Kuoni Travel cooperated with Jason King for many years and he is an outstanding recruitment partner to work together with: initiatives, trustworthy, reliable and swift in his actions. He quickly grasps the issue and delivers. What else is there to say?

Andrew W. Menkes CTC Founder and CEO Partnership Travel Consulting, LLC

"I have known Jason King for more years than I might want to admit but I can wholeheartedly endorse his Company. We have had the opportunity to work together on a number of projects from recruitment to new business development. There is no doubt that he has the reach in all facets of the industry not only within the verticals of airline, hotel, travel agency etc but also the nuances of business travel, leisure and Tourism. If I had only one phone call to make to find the right candidate for a particular position, there is no doubt that I would go to Jason first.

From the Founder of the Company

"We're a Caribbean based company in the process of expanding our sales operations to the US. We came across P. Jason King Associates after searching for an executive search travel industry specialist. Very promptly after our initial enquiry, we had our first Skype call with Jason to discuss our recruitment brief. Jason proved to be 'the real deal' and we started receiving highly relevant CV's within days of our initial inquiry. During a highly structured process that lasted little over a month, Jason screened multiple candidates himself and liaised directly with our internal recruitment committee members to evaluate the candidates. We found our new general manager through Jason and his services are highly recommended.

Sara Zimmerman Group Marketing Director Holiday Autos

"…I was looking for a new CEO for Kemwell Holiday Autos, then a US subsidiary of a British company. I had been covering the role myself for some months but was planning to move back to the UK. I expected the search process to be slow and difficult. We needed an exceptional leader to drive through an agenda of change; someone who was very well connected in the industry and comfortable working in an entrepreneurial culture. Jason listened, asked challenging questions and came up with a short list of incredible candidates. I had very limited experience of the market, so Jason's insight and market awareness was invaluable to me. Most importantly, with Jason's support we recruited an inspirational leader who successfully took the helm of the business for the next phase of its development. I would would not hesitate to recommend him for his insight, his industry knowledge, his tenacity and his passion.

Cynthia French Director GANT TRAVEL

"…I found Mr. King very thorough in his screening process and his resolve and patience never-ending. He was determined to find someone. He himself had become quite frustrated with the quality of people available (in DC/VA area). None the less he persevered and and in the end found me a very capable, professional agent that has worked perfectly in my office. His screening process is top notch and I would certainly recommend him. The cost of his services were well worth it…

Robert S Paris Co-President Club ABC Tours & ABC Destinations

"I've worked with Jason for the better part of 20 years and found the results consistently on target. From customer service representatives to COOs and CF0s the results were in line with the job description. Typically, the greater the responsibility sought, the greater number of qualified candidates appeared.

Jason is unique in that he understands the travel industry from the inside out and doesn't waste your time or his. Frankly that's refreshing in todays business climate where it otherwise would take twice as long to source qualified professionals.

Whether talent sought for Product knowledge of the Far East, or a senior Marketing Professional, P. Jason King has shown flexibility, integrity, and dexterity. There have been many occasions where ABC sought out a particular candidate yet Jason has intimate knowledge of our business for such a long time that he provided unedited straight talk if in his opinion the candidate ultimately proved to be a lackluster fit.

I wouldn't hesitate to either recommend Jason to another Company or utilize his talents prospectively.

Robert J. Zartarian Corporate Travel Services ECHLIN INC.

"Over the course of many years within the Travel Industry, I find it difficult to recall someone as dedicated to their occupation as you and your staff. It is no mean trick to work closely with a client, who, like myself has so many details and pressures to deal with on a day-to-day basis. When I first found you through NBTA, and I decided to give you an opportunity to prove your wherewithal, I thought an agency in New York was surely not going to find a Meeting Planning (Manager) professional way up here in Branford. I was wrong. You quickly assessed my needs and provided me with many qualified candidates, from which I hired one. This person has worked out very well and has been with us for over 2 years now. Since then you have assisted me in other searches with which I am most pleased. In these ever most changing times, you are truly a valuable asset for any Corporate Travel Manager to have.

Jeffrey D. Krida President Delta Queen Steamboat Co.

"Jason you and your team are the best and its been a pleasure to work with you.

Harriet Schwartz Manager Employment/Employee Relations KLOSTER CRUISE LIMITED

"I have always been extremely satisfied with how quickly you have sourced qualified candidates. I feel fortunate to work with your company in that you are able to find quality people with travel background in an expeditious manner. You have never wasted my time with applicants that were not suitable for the given position. No other agency/search firm has been able to provide me with the caliber of service you do, which in turn makes my job a lot easier. (PS Thanks for placing our new VP Sales for NCL & Royal Viking Cruises)

Lisa Attalla Senior Vice President WORLD TRAVEL/BTI

"When I was first introduced to Jason and his firm, he had proven his skills by finding us great staffing in NJ and NY, but I questioned whether he would have the same success in Atlanta. Jason proved me wrong! He and his staff not only knew how to source the "right" candidates but how to do it quickly and professionally. He prides himself on his integrity and honesty and rightfully so. When it comes to recruitment there is none better.

Angelo Peluso Vice President Personnel
Holland America Cruises, Inc.

"The contributions you have made in attracting and placing high quality human resource talent in this organization have been invaluable. The manner in which you have conducted your business affairs with all levels of management in the Company demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and for this we are most grateful. We look forward to a continuing relationship despite the distance between Seattle and New York. On behalf of all of the Human Resource staff and the Company, we thank you for your dedication and commitment.

"What our candidates are saying"

JR Smith VP Business Development Major Tour Operator

"When I was first contacted by Jason, I wasn't even thinking about changing my current position in the travel business, I was very happy in my career. After my first conversation with Jason, I realized he could help me in finding my ultimate position in management. I was extremely impressed by Jason’s knowledge of not only the industry but of different segments within the industry I was not aware of. He is a true professional, driven to find the right fit for my needs and always available to assist in every step of the process.

Thank you very much for all that you did for me Jason, you are a true professional and I appreciate all of your efforts in securing my current position.

Phil C. Customer Service Manager MIDCA TRAVEL INC.
(a Panasonic Company)

"For the second time in my twenty-two years in the travel industry, Yours In Travel has helped me advance my career. The thought of moving back to the New York area from Florida presented many challenges. My biggest challenge was to find employment with a major company which offered me the financial and professional growth opportunities… I was amazed that within one week of our preliminary meeting, you were able to find the perfect position which matched my skills and requirements…I cannot thank you enough.

Karen Esposito General Manager Cuba Travel Network USA

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Jason for many years. After an in depth interview of getting to know his candidates, he guides them through every step of the hiring process to ensure their success. As an industry leader, Jason has an uncanny ability to find the perfect fit for both applicant and employer. If you are looking for someone who goes above and beyond, is well respected and gets the job done, look no further!

Jenny N. Midwest, USA

"Being in the Meetings and Events Industry as an executive for over 15 years, I have been approached numerous times about career opportunities. Jason was the first individual I was interested in working with. During our first conversation I knew his expertise, professionalism, integrity and passion made him the best in the industry. He takes pride in ensuring the position is not only an absolute fit for the candidate, but also the candidate is an excellent choice for the respective client. His candidate vetting process is thorough and detail oriented. Jason is tenacious and assertive. He does what is right, not what is expected. I would highly recommend P. Jason King Executive Search.

Charles A. Van Elten General Manager Kuoni Tours Destination Management Atlanta, GA

"Jason is the single greatest advocate of both a prospective applicant and a specialist in matching the applicant's skill set with the company that engaged his services. I have never experienced a work ethic such as his, especially in this very specialized field. To say that I recommend Jason and his company for any and all professional travel placements, would be the understatement of the millennia. Thank you Jason, for your expertise and for my new career.

Art Kienle Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

"It is my distinct pleasure to write this way overdue letter of recommendation for Jason King and his staff. They are the 'Go to People' when you are in need of Management or in need of a Senior Job Opportunity for yourself. I have been fortunate to see how Jason works on both sides of the coin. He helped me 2X in my career and he assisted me and our HR Department by sourcing top talent with all the qualifications we were looking for not only at our headquarters but around the USA.

Lourdes Santiago Vice President Sales & Relationship Management Citicorp, Diners Club North America

"Please excuse my delay in writing you this letter as it is long overdue. It is with sincere pleasure and gratitude that I write this letter to thank you enormously for the extraordinary help and counseling you provided when you placed me in my position. You accomplished the near impossible by helping me transition from the airline industry to the uncharted area for me of financial services. It has provided me with continued successes in a challenging position that have resulted in both professional and financial rewards. Your deep-seeded knowledge of every aspect of the travel industry extends beyond travel as your instincts for making connections between your candidates and the “right” placements are intuitive. Thank you, Jason, for your keen eye, candor and your time. I am truly grateful for the opportunity you opened up for me.

Steve Gorga President/CEO Travel Impressions

"… I was reviewing job opportunities within the industry. I had heard about Jason King from many people. I filled out his online application and within 5 minutes (no kidding) he called me. He located one of the best jobs I have had in my career. Working with Jason was unusual, as he is not your typical recruiter. But, working with him is a pleasure since he really knows the Travel Industry. I have seen first hand his extraordinary capabilities in assessing a company's needs and matching them to the appropriate candidate. I have referred many potential candidates to Jason, and he has always been tenacious, and very keenly focused on ensuring the "right fit" for his positions. Jason knows the travel industry, and its executive talent base more than anyone I have met within the industry.

I would highly recommend Jason and his company whenever they are looking for candidates to consider within their organization.

Tony Etienne Senior Vice President Affinity Group Sales
Group Travel Experiences

"Jason and his team really are true professionals in the recruitment field. From our initial contact and conversations, to the extensive evaluation process, I felt like I was the most important person they worked with. I am sure that wasn't the case, but that's how you will feel too. Jason not only has great contacts and experience in the travel field, but it's his willingness to coach and assess the best fit for a prospect that sets him apart from all others I have come across. Should I ever need help again with a search, or a placement, trust me, Jason will be my first and only phone call, and he'll take it from there!

Joel S. New York, NY

"I was very fortunate to have met Jason King a few years ago when I was looking for a senior position in the Travel Industry. Within a few weeks I interviewed with a well-known Incentive Travel Company. Jason worked tirelessly to seek out not just any position, but a strong match that works for both the candidate and the company. Unlike many other recruiters just looking to make the quick buck, Jason always looks at the big picture and to establish long-term relationships and partnerships that last years, or even decades, like ours.

His expansive knowledge of all aspects in the Travel Industry make him uniquely qualified to quickly understand the needs of each party and find sound solutions. Jason keeps current and keenly understands the pulse of the industry.

Happily I was offered the position and this greatly assisted my career goals of moving forward.

I consider myself fortunate to have met Jason and remain grateful to this day.

Richard Genovese

"I worked with Jason King when I was looking for a position as a VP of Marketing in Travel. He was the consummate professional preparing me with a more effective resume and for my interviews with the hiring managers. Jason's knowledge of the industry and people was invaluable in my successful outcome. I would unequivocally recommend his services.

A Few Kudo's from Yours In Travel Candidates…

Tom R. Cranford, NJ

"Interviewed with Jason back in the 1975, for a travel position as I was just starting out. His professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge, started my journey within the industry, as he was responsible for getting my first job as a booking agent for Holland America Cruises. 38 years, later having been on over 30 cruises, traveled the world. engaged with many professionals, still going strong. Thank You Jason!

Helen E. Brouwer

"It is with sincere pleasure and gratitude that I am writing this letter to thank you enormously for the extraordinary help and advice you supplied in locating for me my present position with Asti Tours. Even in normal economic times, your finding a job at this level and salary would be an accomplishment but having done so in this difficult period, you accomplished nothing short of a miracle!

The time, good advice, and suggestions you gave me are also very much appreciated. I had been referred to your agency by just about every knowledgeable person I know the travel industry and, you may be sure, I will most certainly do likewise for friends of mine looking for positions in the industry.

Mary E. Lucich

"Where do I begin? I want to thank you for your tremendous help in finding me employment, but I also want to certify that you are capable of doing the impossible.

It is not such a great accomplishment for a personnel agency to find employment for its clients; that is its function. A good agency will find compatible employment for its clients. YOURS IN TRAVEL, however, is an agency of truly extraordinary quality. I have never seen nor heard of an agency that could interview and place a client in the "perfect" job all in one day. Your agency is not only capable of doing the above, it has done it. I can personally testify to this because YOURS IN TRAVEL has performed this service for me.

I know that YOURS IN TRAVEL is the only agency to which I will refer my friends and acquaintances. I wish you only the best – you deserve it. Thanking once more for your unbelievable service…

Carol Byrne

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all you have done to help me secure my new position in the travel industry, Being in a situation where I have had to deal with many different personnel agencies in the past, I must say that I have not encountered anyone who has shown more concern and diligence in working with their clients as you have shown, Your tenacity, encouragement, and perseverance have been a great aid to me. I would not hesitate in the least to recommend you to anyone in need of your services, and will do so when the opportunity presents itself. Many thanks again.

Kathy Apostolakos Manager TRAVAC TOURS & CHARTERS
San Francisco, CA

"Just wanted to let you know I have just about 'settled-in' at Travac in San Francisco. Can't believe I've been here over a month already! I did want to let you know how much I appreciated your help in my being hired at Travac. Even though we were 3,000 miles apart you did an excellent job in staying in touch and keeping me posted on what was happening.

If I can ever be helpful to you out this direction, be sure to let me know. The travel industry is small out this way, so I usually hear when people are interested in making a move. Thanks again.

Jim Kurshuk Manager Greaves Travel San Francisco, CA

"Just a short note to thank you for your efforts in placing me with Greaves Travel. I had been looking for a Company I could invest my future in, and I believe I have found that with Greaves. Yours In Travel is the best travel placement firm in the business, and if I can be of assistance to you as a referral source, please feel free to contact me anytime. Once again, thank you for your services and best wishes for continued success in all your endeavors.

Honey Mistry Travel Strategies World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWF)

"Just a little note to thank you for all your help in getting me the job with Travel Strategies. I started just yesterday & am settling down to my new job. I am sure I'm going to enjoy it.

More Yours In Travel Kudo's

Davis E. Williams (Foreign Flag Carrier)

"Just a short note to thank you for your help and persistence in getting me my job. It is exactly the job I wanted and feel confident if success is to be had, I will find it in this line of work…

Natalie Kaye Planning/Tours Ashore Holland America Cruises

"This is just a note to say thank you for introducing me to Holland America Cruises. My subsequent employment with the company has provided me with a challenging position as well as an opportunity to build a rewarding career. This is not always an easy thing for a woman to find since equal opportunity is unfortunately not always a matter of policy.

I especially appreciate the expediency with which you helped me to obtain my position as well as your candid appraisal of what the job entailed.

Unfortunately, I cannot say that I hope to use your services again as I plan to stay at Holland America Cruises for along time. However, I hope I may recommend your office to qualified persons in the travel industry seeking meaningful employment and the honest counseling that your agency provides.

Sheila McKell Office Services Manager Holland America Cruises

"You must have a great filing system, and an even better memory! To be able to retrieve my resume after four years and fit me to such a great job is really fantastic. I can't thank you enough for placing me in my present position – I love my work and, what is most important, the people I am working with and for. I also want to thank you for taking the trouble to call me and let me know that my employers are pleased with me – believe me it is great to know that one is doing a satisfactory job. Kindest personal regards.

Nadine I. Financial Systems Manager Utell International

"Please excuse my delay in writing you this-letter is long overdue. I really want to thank you for your assistance in finding me this "fantastic" position with Utell International. You were absolutely right when you said this position was right up my alley. I love the daily challenges and the people I work with. I will most assuredly recommend you and your firm to all my friends or anyone seeking a good position. Thanks again.

S. Zulinski

"How could I even begin to 'Thank You'… I appreciate all your kindness, warmth & help. Don't know what I would of done without your expertise! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity - I won't let you down. I firmly believe in this position & the company & am looking forward to an exciting career. You simply are the Best – guess I'll have to settle for 2nd. I look forward in meeting you in the near future. I'm sure all of us you have helped would welcome the opportunity to meet you. I'll keep in touch & always know I will always be doing my best for the corporation as well as myself & of course you. Thanks again.

Anne Mynttinen Regional Sales Manager Trafalgar Tours USA Inc.

"Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary! While I am not a 10 year or more employed individual… I have stayed with the job you placed for me… longer than any other position I have had — in or out of the industry — since childhood…

When my interview was taking place, I remember being amazed at hearing myself say, 'Trafalgar is the kind of company I can see myself staying with for 10 years or more…'! And, Jason, I am 60% there! Thank goodness and thank you & your staff. Continued success!

Rich G. Director Sales United Touring Company (Utc)

"Thank you for the call on my 1 year anniversary with UTc. I can't thank you and your staff enough for the professional way you helped me back in the business. Your follow up and encouragement were a big plus and certainly separate you from the rest. I can't thank you enough and please feel free to use me as a reference for any one who wants to know about 'Yours in Travel'.

Antonella Laveglia Regional Manager Europe ECG Inc.
Rome, Italy

"In a world where things change every 6 months it's so good to see that P. Jason King Associates are still around and kicking! Many years ago Jason King got me one of the best and happiest jobs I ever had, at the time it was Allied Tours in Los Angeles. I loved the job and I also made friends that I am keeping for life there! I felt like I had a guardian angel looking over me through the entire process. Everything was very professional but also very pleasant. I have very good memories of that. Thank you Jason, it's still a happy memory for me these days.

*Consulting Services Clients


Jeffrey L. Erlbaum President ETA Travel

"I was simply amazed that you delivered (at a very reasonable cost) our enhanced website. You and your staff helped me reach the decisions I needed to make in a timely fashion. Your understanding of my needs, and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations. You added so much more value than I ever expected that I will always recommend your consulting services to anyone who needs them.

Walt Hollander Owner My 1 Home Away From Home, Cuba Travel Club Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"For some time, it has been my great desire to build a business of travel to Cuba. Soon that will be a reality. I possess web skills but find it difficult to express my ideas in a way that makes a website appealing for people looking to travel to Cuba. I found out about Jason through a Travel forum and contacted him. He offered me a FREE CONSULTATION. I accepted of course and he worked with me for almost 2 hours in which time he made worthwhile suggestions on how to improve my existing website so that it will be more professional; easy to read and understand. He took his time and tremendous experience/expertise to guide me. I had told him that I am on an extremely limited budget and yet he helped me though he knew that I would not be able to afford his professional services on a contract basis. For the Cuba Travel Club, Jason King is its savior! I keep both Jason King and his company in high regard and gladly recommend him. Thanks Jason and God bless you!

James Garo President TRAVELCRAFTERS

"When we contracted with you to handle a very sensitive project for us, we were somewhat skeptical about utilizing a New York based Travel Management Consulting firm, even though your reputation and references were superior. Boy, did you prove me wrong! You did an outstanding job for us.

Overseas Tour Operator Seeking USA Market Share

"A bit skeptic utilizing a US based business consultant. Although great references though, thought you would just want to sell me packages and increase budget I didn’t really have. Glad I was wrong. Free consultation was wonderful and placed me at ease. Although a language barrier you took your time and had great patience to help me learn customs and grammer of USA. First project ‘Review & Recommendations' was very good, you took all our documents translated some and recreated in English that USA customers would understand. Next project for our website was good to. It allowed our voices but with America’s panashe. We are looking forward to launch soon ands promise to be back for more. You and your team very good people.

Patricia M. Harper President HENRY DAVIS CORPORATION

"Although we have worked together for the past three years and I have previously thanked you for the wonderful job you have done for us, I'd like to take this opportunity to once again, express my appreciation and satisfaction. The effort, interest and time that you have put forth on behalf of the Henry Davis Corp. has been truly 'above and beyond' all possible expectations. You, and your staff, have always been available, helpful and concerned. The new programs and promotions that you have initiated have vastly improved our product and the results can be measured in increased sales. In P. Jason King Assoc. I have found a company who cares as much about its clients' success as the client itself.

Stuart Liebowitz Vice President/Treasurer

"On behalf of all of us at our subsidiary travel agency, Arden Travel Services, I want to thank you for the very professional job you did for us. Your ideas for the brochure, our corporate proposal and all the other promotional materials, capture the type of professionalism we are looking to get across to our prospective clients.


"This letter is a statement of appreciation for the recent consulting services provided for Jetset Tours (North America) Inc. by P. Jason King Associates Inc. I am pleased to advise that almost all of the recommendations resulting from your in-depth research, analysis and assessment of our current situation, together with general travel industry market research of similar corporations you've conducted, have been accepted and implemented by the company. Your personal attention to our requirements is most appreciated in today's environment of indifferent business relationships.


"Brokers are usually difficult people to work with, however you and your staff were most cordial and actually assisted me in making that "Right" decision wanted to personally thank you and your staff for finding me the suitable travel agency to purchase.

Gary Davis Co-President All About Travel

"We have used Jason for recruiting and for acquisitions. We would highly recommend his services for either category.

Patrick Schoeneborn Vice President Marketing Go America Tours,
(A division of LTU Airlines)

"I would like to extend our appreciation and congratulations to you and your team for the outstanding job you performed in handling our 'Domestic Products Launch'. You and your staff jumped into the project with both feet and quickly developed a new and improved advertising campaign, re-negotiated a sizable reduction in advertising costs, designed a new logo, researched and recommended a more suitable commission and override plan, created a direct marketing concept and sweepstakes/contest, made new operations and fulfillment recommendations, set-up and successfully concluded sales presentations to the major travel chains and consortiums, and effectively ran our public relations campaign which generated new stories in all the major trade press. It was quite impressive to all of us that you had the ability to complete the entire project quite some time ahead of schedule.

Paul M. Bessel, CTC President ARTA

"Thank you for producing a brochure that we can use. It is always a pleasure to work with you, and your suggestions were very helpful.


"From this letterhead you can see some changes have already been made here. First let me thank you for the report and the time you gave to Father Kevin and myself to review it and discuss some of the details. Again, thank you for your help in the early stages of our evaluation and planning.

Robin D. Ader, CTC President Wood Dale Group, Inc.

"It has been six months since the completion of our new promotional brochure designed by you and your staff. I thought I would take the time to let you know how pleased we are. We have received numerous comments on the professional appearance, clarity of the copy and sales appeal of this brochure. I am sure that sales have accrued and far exceeded the very reasonable cost of it production.

Eric L. McFerran President BTH HOTELS

"I have used 'Yours In Travel as an employment agency in past years, and have been completely satisfied with the caliber of staff you have recruited for me. This more recent study, was most professionally completed by your company. I was highly impressed with the manner in which you carried out the on site analysis, and the suggestions you have made will improve our staff relations, increase productivity based upon your 'incentive' outlines, and bring our company more in line with similar size companies. Your detailed comments on staff security as relating to transportation problems for staff workers in the New York metropolitan area was particularly helpful. I have immediately implemented your plan which has been accepted enthusiastically by our staff.

Pat H. President

"Although you've been servicing our company for over 17 years through Yours In Travel Personnel, I was slightly skeptical when you and I started talking about your sister company handling our Marketing, Advertising and Promotion. I can honestly say that you and your staff jumped in with both feet and came up with a new and wonderfully innovative campaign all in less than three months. The first campaign was terrific, the second was even better. I was afraid you would run out of ideas - was I wrong! You seem to come up with one idea/concept after another. I'm looking forward to our next season.


"It is not often that any organization provides the level of service and expertise that you have for our company. Thank you for all the past work you have done for Players World Travel.

Career Development

Jane L. UK & IL

"While in the UK I knew I needed a total career change leveraging my experience, career development, a new executive position, and an American style resume. All was achieved relatively and unexpectedly quickly with the coaching and guidance of P. Jason King. We were introduced by one of my former bosses, whom I highly admired and regarded when I was embarking on a change of career a few years ago. A few words to describe my experience with Jason: thoughtful, methodical, knowledgeable, highly professional, well networked at the highest of levels, insightful and relevant. His coaching is easy and flawless, this guidance, and feedback so helpful. I cannot highly recommend enough his company and services.

Mellie J. Albuquerque, NM

"As a recently promoted senior vice president I really thought I was secure, I also thought I would have been aware that my company was soon to merge with a large competitor. They offered me Outplacement Services but they did the standard type of development, then I found Jason King and his group. They listened to my needs and came up with a plan that worked well for me. I was surprised by learning a lot of (new to me) tricks to find that 'Right' company where I wanted to land. Thank you I now have several new offers.

Lislie R. Unknown

"From the first moment I knew I was in good hands, they guided me through the program and told me what they thought I needed and what I didn't. They do not waste your time or spend your money. Thanks to all of you, Donna, Pete, and Joseph. I will be starting the program soon, and I cannot wait. I know it will be exciting and more importantly get me on that right path.

Frances M.

"My meeting with you wasn't quite what I expected. I have met with others in your field, & more or less the same questions are asked, followed by the same answers. You are the only one who tore into me, & (almost) rendered me s-peechless. Believe me that is a feat only for a master. I am seldom speechless & in awe or anyone that rapidly. Your knowledge coupled with your insight – earned my respect almost instantly.

I regret not meeting you earlier in my career… I'm sure that if I had, I would certainly be holding a better position & earning far more than I do today. I'm looking forward to meeting with you again. This time I'll be prepared for success. I'll be carrying my attach case with my letter of references & of course my revised resume, my shoes with heels (small) not sneakers, & a new direction. I thank you most heartily for a wonderful & interesting interview.

Katie G.

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support while I was unemployed. You spent a lot of time with me and I truly appreciate it. The core competencies program ended up really helping me during my interviewing process, which proved to be pretty lengthy. I accepted a position as a Sales & Marketing Executive with a direct marketing agency on Long Island. I'm really loving it!

Jeremy C. New York, NY

"Jason King is terrific… I was a bit nervous when I found out he would be my Career Coach, I heard he's tough and doesn't let you get away with much. But, he was really great. He answered all my questions, he asked the right questions and we developed a plan. He is a great coach and guide and he led me to the best decisions of my life and a great new career. I will never be able to thank him enough.

Sue R. Athens, GA

"WOW, never thought anyone could help me. Jason King proved me wrong, and thank goodness he did.

Dave L. Senior Vice President

"Jason is truly an expert in his field, and one who remains very active with all of his clients... Jason has always provided me with great advice, and I've found that his targets for me always matched my own personal goals...During my 23 year run in the travel industry, Jason simply became the first call I'd make whenever the situation called for it. Often, it also turned the only call I'd need to make. I can't say it any better than that.

Robert K. Nashua, NH

"When my company closed, The entire staff found themselves out of work. Several just retired, but I wasn't ready for that. Having been with my company for many years, I really didn't know how to begin a job search. Then someone told me to look into Career Development at P. Jason King Associates. I'm so happy I did! My coach was insightful and guided me easily back to reality. I now have a wonderful new job with a company that is allowing me to use my knowledge and learn even more! They even paid for my relocation to their headquarters on the west coast!

Tracy K. Los Angeles, CA

"P. Jason King (Career Development/Coaching) is committed to his client’s success. He is generous with his time, sees possibility and has a clear and comprehensive process of extracting the best from those he works with. He looks at the whole person first to gain a deep understanding of his product so that the final package is complete, authentic, and on purpose. With a sense of humor and a New York work ethic, he drills down on the essentials.

Seminars & Workshops

Alfred V. Sloan, Jr. Ph.D. Visiting Professor or Education

"On behalf of the State Education Department as well as this University, may I extend enormous thanks for the exceptional seminar you prepared for us. As a university professor, I have attended hundreds of professional lectures all over this country as well as abroad, but I have difficulty in recalling a presentation as effective and constructive as the one you carried off last Friday. It is no mean trick to absolutely absorb the attention of thirty educators, yet you did it with perfection and without a letup for two and one-half hours. You did a magnificent job. The information you gave to our educators will be carried back in more than a score of cities and towns in this State. Believe me when I say that you have made a major contribution to the dissemination of professional knowledge in the field of travel and tourism in the State of New York. For this you have the gratitude of us all.

Verlette Mitchell Coordinator Educational Services

"On behalf of Nancy Morris and Cheryl Hudak, Co-Chairmen of the 1994 Eastern/Central Regional Conference, I would like to thank you for presenting "Help Wanted: No Experience Necessary" in New York. Judging by the number of evaluations marked excellent, I would say the Future Travel Professional Club members learned quite a bit of new information from you. They should be able to implement the new ideas quickly."

"I would like to thank you for being a speaker at the Hot Topics - Exceptional Personnel Management program in Boston. The program was a success, and judging from the evaluations, so was your presentation! Jason, thank you again for all your help in both programs.

Thomas L. Keefe President BOSTON BONS VIVANTS

"On behalf of members of Boston Bons Vivants, I wish to thank you for taking time from your very busy schedule to come to Massachusetts and speak to us. I have received a number of calls and comments about how helpful and informative they found your talk. It is true you are the expert when it comes to The Employment Game. The only complaint we had was that we should have been closer to Boston, so more of our members could attend.

Page Kjellstrom President

"I cannot thank you enough for being a panelist at our Annual Meeting. You were a great addition and the attendees really appreciated your forthrightness. You really should have been an entire meeting unto yourself!

Ed Sullivan Editor/Trade Show Coordinator OFFICIAL AIRLINE GUIDES/OAG Magazines

"Thank you for the time and trouble you took to come down to Nashville for our trade show. From the comments we received by those attending the program, the jobs discussion was both exciting and disturbing, to show you how interested they were, this was the first seminar program I attended where the (people) had to be told to move on to the next function. Thank you.

Bonita Gibson Teacher/Coordinator
The Executive High School Internships Program

"It is appropriate for juniors and seniors in high school to begin doing some serious thinking about their future in the world of work. By offering your professional guidance, many students were apprised of the wide range of job and career opportunities that exist in the travel, tourism, hotel and food industries.

Al Minkoff, CTC Chairman and CEO GEM
National Association of Travel Agencies

"As the 'leadoff hitter' on a Saturday morning in Las Vegas you had your work cut out for you. I'm pleased to say that your presentation conveyed value and benefit to virtually everyone of the 600 attendees present.

Marvin Berman President HENRY DAVIS TRADE SHOW

"Thanks for conducting your seminars in NY and NJ, 'The Personnel Game'. We were most impressed, not only with the large number of travel agents you attracted, but also the caliber of the attendees. The agents comments were unanimous in their praise for the subject matter, and the manner in which it was presented. We are grateful for your time and efforts.

Michael S. Maino President HICKORY TRAVEL SYSTEMS

"On behalf of Hickory Travel Systems, I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to you for your presentation on Recruitment & Training, at our meeting in Houston. Certainly, staff motivation is one of the key areas that needs to be refocused upon in order for an agency to be successful.

Robert W. Blanchard Director Institute of Travel, Hotel and Restaurant Administration, NIAGARA UNIVERSITY

"Congratulations, you've added new meaning to the word seminar and rewritten the standard of excellence. The students, faculty and career planning staff of the Institute of Travel, Hotel and Restaurant Administration at Niagara University join me in celebrating your outstanding presentation. It is one thing to be thorough and informative but quite another to share the dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm you displayed. You should be pleased to note your qualities are apparently contagious since they have been conspicuous among the pending graduates since their exposure to you. As someone who spent many years screening and hiring employees for the tourism and hospitality industry I am particularly pleased that the leading authority on placement has such a high regard for the value of our program and caliber of our students.

Linda Riccardi, CTC Travel Lecture Coordinator BRONX COMMUNITY COLLEGE

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture on 'Opportunities in the Travel Business'. My travel class for adult education profited greatly from the helpful information you provided. It was truly a realistic approach to securing employment and I am sure they will take into consideration some of your many suggestions. Your wit and informal approach kept us all most interested. Unfortunately, I only wish we had more time.

Elizabeth J. Harper Executive Manager

"Quite honestly, we have never seen such a positive response from our members after one of our presentations. When you finished and left the room, several members voiced their objection to the fact that we had not allowed you to finish, despite the fact that up to that point the presentation had lasted 2 hours 20 minutes. Everyone present had 'really gotten into' the subject matter you were discussing. We were surprised at our members' response because normally they get upset if a speaker continues for more than 15 minutes. For you to keep their interest for 2 hours 20 minutes and have them wanting more is no less than a miracle to us. Several members felt we should have canceled our business meeting to allow you time to finish. Of course, this was an impossibility, since we did have several important topics to go over.

John W. Dalton President/Director of Training
Travel Trade Conferences

"...you did an outstanding job. I was impressed with the visuals and handouts.

Robert Hughes Managing Editor TravelAge East/Southeast

"Thanks so much for taking part in the TravelAge East/Southeast seminar. As we expected, your presentation proved to be crowd-pleasing, informative, and intriguing. Your presence there helped to make this TravelAge East's most successful show; more than 750 people heard you speak. It was a great boon to have you speak.

Patricia Regan Placement Director ITT Education Services, Inc.

"This letter is to extend our appreciation for your enlightening presentation given to our Airline Reservations and Operations students last month.

Zari Stahl Director of Trade Shows TRAVELAGE TRADE SHOWS

"Thank you for participating as a Speaker in Ft. Lauderdale for TravelAge East Trade Show. It is great to be able to present an expert in the Travel Industry. Not only have you helped make our show a success, you have made a significant contribution to the industry.

Ron Carr Manager Educational Services ASTA

"Thank you! For the willing participation and the marvelous job you performed during Travel Educators' Forum (in Chicago). Your contribution to the industry and to our success in providing education to educators is hereby gratefully acknowledged.

David W. Price President DAVID PRICE & ASSOCIATES, INC.

"Once again, thank you for your contribution towards the success of Amadeus' Summit XI in Miami. We know you will be interested in the survey results (of high praise) we have enclosed.

Al Minkoff, CTC Chairman and CEO GEM
National Association of Travel Agencies

"Your seminar, 'How to Attract and retain Superior Agency Staff' was definitely a conference highlight. In fact, Jason, you received evaluations from the GEM membership which indicated you were among their favorite speakers.

Sally Black Adjunct Professor NYU School of Professional Studies Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality

"THANK YOU (Steve Gorga) for your kind and generous spirit!
I know it is a difficult task to try to fit an amazing career and a wealth of wisdom into just one hour but you were brilliant! You were a HUGE hit with the kids and were the topic of conversation until the end of class. Your ideas opened up an enthusiastic conversation about future career and life paths. Everyone was touched by the fact that you cared enough to offer your contact details and mentorship. Eternally Grateful….

What Other Consultants Think…

Andrew W. Menkes CTC Founder and CEO Partnership Travel Consulting, LLC

"I have known Jason King for more years than I might want to admit but I can wholeheartedly endorse his Company. We have had the opportunity to work together on a number of projects from recruitment to new business development. There is no doubt that he has the reach in all facets of the industry not only within the verticals of airline, hotel, travel agency etc but also the nuances of business travel, leisure and Tourism. If I had only one phone call to make to find the right candidate for a particular position, there is no doubt that I would go to Jason first.

Ralph Hammelbacher Senior Marketing Executive

"Jason listens carefully to your requirements and comes up with the best prospects to be found. He is as well connected as they come, and consistently produces great results.

Jerry Gordon President Global Marketing Connections Group, Inc.
d/b/a itravelinsured.com

"I have known Mr. King since 1997. Since that time I have had the pleasure of working with and recommending Mr. King numerous times. Corporations that I have referred Mr. King to, use him with great success in the recruiting of personnel. Your company will find him extremely professional. He is direct and to the point. I appreciate his no-nonsense approach to recruiting and am always confident that companies and candidates receive the best service. As a member of the Travel Industry my career has covered airlines, car rentals, one large travel agency and a tour operator. During that career I have discovered that Jason King Associates are a group that is dedicated, reliable, honest and hard working.

Bill McFarlane Partner Bill McFarlane & Associates, Inc. China & California

"I have known Jason for almost 20 years in his dual roles of Executive Recruiting and Industry Consultant. I found him to be skilled, highly knowledgably and very well networked. He is extremely professional and enjoy his no nonsense style. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any organization in need of his services.

Jack Kaplan President Travel Industry Management

"I have known Jason and his company for over 10 years. As an industry consultant, I have not only used Jason's services but have also sent many clients his way. He is extremely bright and knows exactly what type of candidate to select. He does not waste time with unqualified candidates. I personally have done work for many larger travel companies in the U.S. and Jason seems to be the best in this category.

Miscellaneous Praises

Dave Longo Senior Vice President - Global Data Management
Lee Hecht Harrison

"Jason is truly an expert in his field, and one who remains very active with all of his clients and candidates. From the "seller" perspective, Jason has always provided me with great advice, and I've found that his targets for me always matched my own personal goals. From the "buyer" perspective, some of my very best employees were candidates originally sent to me by Jason. During my 23 year run in the travel industry, Jason simply became the first call I'd make whenever the situation called for it. Often, it also turned the only call I'd need to make. I can't say it any better than that.

Robert C. McClure Vice President Membership and Development

"We are well aware of your company and its excellent reputation. You have been a person who has supported the greater efforts of the travel and tourism industry, and your business has grown even faster that the overall industry itself.

*A Few Completed Consulting Projects…

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